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Monday, September 26, 2011

Party every day!

So first off, Camille and I decided that we should tryout for the competitive volleyball teams here. There are ten teams and they all play against each other. It is kind of like being on a high school team. Tryouts were three days long (thursday, friday and saturday). Then, the ten coaches do a "draft" of all of the girls. They figured that 120 girls tried out and that they would draft no more then 100. After a long wait, Camille, my roommate Lindsey and I got a call Monday night from our coach! All three of us made the same team!!! What are the odds of that??? It was a very exciting moment here in apartment #211. We will have practices every Tuesday and Thursday and games on Fridays or Saturdays. I am so happy that I made it!
Our weekend was super great! Ashley and her roommate invited Camille and I to go bowling with them. Though, we had to dress up. Of course we couldn't resist! It was so much fun!!! 
Life is just so great here at good ol' BYU-Idaho. I am getting super good grades on my assignments and papers. My first exam is coming up this weekend. I am a bit nervous but I will for sure try my hardest. I love life and life loves me! Thank you and goodnight!
Me, Ashley Bingham, Ashley's roommate Chelsey and Camille going bowling!!
Meet Camille the pink nun and Cindy the magnificent painter!
Yes. I know I look good when I bowl. It's a Pearson thing.
Taking a sunday nap with my favorite snack.
So I was just about to get into my bed, then suddenly, I stepped on something sharp and literally collapsed to the ground!
Camille was laughing so hard that she had to take a picture. I just laid their like a slug.....

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