‎"Go forward in life with a twinkle in your eye and a smile on your face, but with great purpose in heart."

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Roommates :)

Left to right: Tiffany, Aubrey, Camille, Angela, Me and Lindsey

I figured that you should meet my roommates since I talk about them and no one knows who I am talking about. So here are some pictures. We had to take one for our ward directory and decided to be silly while we were at it.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Party every day!

So first off, Camille and I decided that we should tryout for the competitive volleyball teams here. There are ten teams and they all play against each other. It is kind of like being on a high school team. Tryouts were three days long (thursday, friday and saturday). Then, the ten coaches do a "draft" of all of the girls. They figured that 120 girls tried out and that they would draft no more then 100. After a long wait, Camille, my roommate Lindsey and I got a call Monday night from our coach! All three of us made the same team!!! What are the odds of that??? It was a very exciting moment here in apartment #211. We will have practices every Tuesday and Thursday and games on Fridays or Saturdays. I am so happy that I made it!
Our weekend was super great! Ashley and her roommate invited Camille and I to go bowling with them. Though, we had to dress up. Of course we couldn't resist! It was so much fun!!! 
Life is just so great here at good ol' BYU-Idaho. I am getting super good grades on my assignments and papers. My first exam is coming up this weekend. I am a bit nervous but I will for sure try my hardest. I love life and life loves me! Thank you and goodnight!
Me, Ashley Bingham, Ashley's roommate Chelsey and Camille going bowling!!
Meet Camille the pink nun and Cindy the magnificent painter!
Yes. I know I look good when I bowl. It's a Pearson thing.
Taking a sunday nap with my favorite snack.
So I was just about to get into my bed, then suddenly, I stepped on something sharp and literally collapsed to the ground!
Camille was laughing so hard that she had to take a picture. I just laid their like a slug.....

Monday, September 19, 2011

Pros and Cons

So these are all of the pros and cons (that I can think of right now) of my college life.


  • Volleyball almost every night
  • Delicious dinners
  • Amazing teachers
  • Awesome ward
  • Attractive men
  • The temple
  • Devotional every tuesday
  • Amazing roommates
  • Camille Bingham
  • My calling
  • Fun people to meet
  • Late night chats with Camille
  • Roommate prayer every night
  • 50 crunches every night with Camille
  • Silly pranks with the roommates
  • BYU-Idaho :)
  • Hair everywhere
  • Tons of homework
  • Waking up early
  • Walking to the Hinckley
I love college!

Friday, September 16, 2011


So my birthday turned out a lot better then I thought it would. I was expecting just a little cake with my roommates but oh did I expect wrong.
After my classes, I came home to my room all decorated with streamers and balloons! That was a wonderful surprise. Then Jason and Elizabeth took me out to dinner and we went to Outback Steak House. I of course got a steak!

After dinner I just went back home to the roomies. I walked in the door and all of them were sitting on the couches just smiling and staring at me. I was kinda hesitant and then two seconds later, a huge group of people (which more then half I didn't even know) jumped our from behind the kitchen counter and yelled "SURPRISE!!!" And then everyone sang happy birthday.
We all ate cake, cupcakes and ice cream. Camille made a yummy chocolate cake and Elizabeth made me cute pink cupcakes with marshmallow flowers on top! It was so much fun!

Also later, a boy that has knows some of my roommates, came over and sang Celion Dion to me while playing the guitar. Oh it was pretty silly. Throughout the rest of the night, people would stop by and we would give them cake.
My roommates Camille and Tiffany also gave me little gifts which was so nice of them and Mom and Dad sent me beautiful flowers!
 Camille got me croutons and a cute white scarf. Tiffany got me some super cute earrings and a milky way!
It was SO much fun and I loved every minute. My roommates treat me so well. They are already like sisters!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dinner Time!!

So tonight I made a very lovely dinner for the roommates. We all decided that we would take turns making dinner each week. That way each of us would only have to make dinner once a week. Which has been so fun so far! Also it saves a ton of money and time. So before I started on dinner, I decided to make some luscious chocolate chip cookies which turned out so yummy! Then, for dinner, I made chicken bundles with green beans and a lovely green salad. I was so proud of myself! (even though I had to call Mom fifty times) I would have a picture but the everyone was very hungry so we gobbled it all up so fast. But the roomies loved it and I felt very successful. :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Already tears....

So don't worry to much by the title. I had to add suspense. So I just barely payed my tuition......even though it ended up only being $675.02 (yes I am including the two cents), I still almost bursted into tears. Camille made me happy fast so I didn't end up crying, but still I really wanted to. Though I shouldn't complain because I have two lovely scholarships to back me up and my books were super cheep! So I am very very very very grateful for everything right now. It is so crazy how your attitude changes so fast when it comes to money. I am still in love with college and am having the time of my life!!!! Thank you and goodnight.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

First day of COLLEGE!!

So I really feel like I have been here for a month already. Today has been so long but very very fun! Jason, Elizabeth and I got here at about 9 a.m. and unloaded my very packed car. After a crazy six hours later Camille and I finally unpacked everything.
This is our lovely room in the process of unpacking. Isn't it just so cute??? It is a lot better right now that everything has a home. We got lucky and got the medium size room so we aren't super snug.

This is our nice closet! I actually thought it would be half this size before arriving but it actually is pretty big. We just love it a lot!
And of course we had to take a lunch break during our crazy packing. This is my very first meal. Toast, pudding, a tomato (which I ate like an apple) and water. So healthy right? I am defiantly starting off on the right foot.
So after packing we did some lovely freshman "Get Connected" things which were really fun and we were able to meet a new people. Though right now I am super tired and can't believe the first day is coming to an  end! So we will just see what this weekend brings! It feels so amazing to finally be here and be settled. The roommates aren't to amazing but I think once we all get settled and get to know each other a little bit better we will all be just fine. Anyway, time to go have a dance party with Camille so peace out brothas! :)