‎"Go forward in life with a twinkle in your eye and a smile on your face, but with great purpose in heart."

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I love my family!

On Sunday, my parents and I were talking about how I will be paying for three semesters of school in a row since I want to go to BYU in the winter. It was a pretty depressing topic to talk about. There is seriously no way that I could do that on my own. So we were talking about my resources and how I could earn money during school. One idea was to find more people to do wedding videos for. Though, I didn't know how I would afford a camera. The next day, my sister in-law Christina emailed me asking if I would be willing to babysit for her for a weekend while they went on a trip and in return they would give me their HD video camera that I have been trying out. I pretty much almost started crying because she totally answered my prayers!! Thank you Brent and Christina for being so supportive and amazingly generous to me! I don't know what I would do without such an amazing family :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Temple Day!!

Today me and three other girls had work off so we decided to go to the Salt Lake temple. We first went to the Joseph Smith movie, then did baptisms (which was SO AMAZING!!!) and then just walked around temple square. I decided to take the super awesome video camera that Brent and Stina are letting me borrow, and get some sweet shots of the temple. I got so excited about these cool shots that I decided to make a quick video! Here is what I came up with...enjoy! P.S. Turn up the volume :) It makes it ten times better! Oh and I didn't have my tripod with me so the shots are a little shaky.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Crazy Life :)

I have decided that my blog is more of something to vent to and record my happy or not so happy memories on. So this post will be about some of the silly things, crazy things, and amazing things that have happened to me within the last couple days.
Ashley B. has a friend that is getting married in March. Her name is Chelsey and I got to get to know her a little bit during my first semester at BYU-Idaho. Her parents are divorced so she is trying to do this whole wedding thing on her own. Ashley told her about my desire in making wedding videos as a job one day. Chelsey ended up asking me if I would do her whole wedding! I told her that I would LOVE to and that I would do it for free because I am obviously not pro yet. So I will be going to Vegas in March to do my first wedding!! I am so so SOOO excited! :)
Also, I have another connection that asked if I would practice on them and do their wedding in June! So who knows, maybe I will be starting my future dream a lot earlier then I expected :) :)
For FHE this week we did speed dating. I was super tempted not to go because really, that just sound super dumb. But Ashley B. and I decided to just go to support the ward and make it fun. It ended up being SO fun and we met so many people that we other wise probably wouldn't have given the time. How it worked was that the girls and boys sat on opposite sides of a huge long line of tables. Where we sat, there was a question that we could ask each other. Some of the questions were just 'ask your own question'. I decided to be silly and ask, 'What is your best vacuum impersonation?' I seriously haven't laughed that hard in a long time! Oh man some of the boys would get up and act it out. We had so much fun and some boys even asked if I would like to play volleyball and basketball with them sometime. :) It was such a wonderful time haha
Today, as we know, is valentines day. It seemed like a normal day here at Aspen Grove. I went to work, had a great time, played some volleyball and racquetball with Ashley and then we decided to practice our musical numbers that Taunalee, Ashley and I are doing tomorrow at institute and on sunday in sacrament meeting. While playing the piano, I get a call from Jon Hackamack (who I liked my Junior year of High School). I didn't answer. He calls me three more times. Finally I called him back and he says that he is at Aspen Grove and has something for me....I told the other girls to come with me so that it wouldn't be awkward and maybe he wouldn't stay long. We met up with him and he brought me a rose and candy for valentines day. Ok, I will admit, that is super nice but also SUPER awkward! I haven't associated with him in a very long time and for most of my senior year I thought he hated my guts. He has been texting me off and on just to say hi but I didn't think it was going this far. Anyway, that was my very strange valentines story of the day.
I have been thinking a lot about things lately because usually I have nothing better to do. I have seriously decided that I really miss school. If I could, I would be a full time student right now! It is so hard not really having a social life and still having to deal with high school friend drama. Since I have only gone one semester, I don't really have good college friends so the only people I have to talk to are family and old friends that I'm just not used to anymore. It seems that my life is going forward in some things that I am so excited for but at the same time it is also going backwards. I am very grateful for this job though because it is helping me get to school.
Anyway, thank you blog for letting me let it all out! :)