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Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas/New Years Break!

Side note: The next few posts are me trying to catch up from where I left off on my blogging. Sorry I have been super slacking! I will try better this new year :)

We did so many fun things over the break! We went shopping, partied, made puzzles, played games, did a lot of tubing/sledding/snowmobiling, sleeping, eating, gift giving and getting and lots more! It was so fun to spend a lot of time with the fam! Here are some fun pictures from our wonderful Christmas break :)

We didn't have many Christmas decorations so I had to be creative haha

Cute Christmas front door! I made the wreath and my friend gave me the vinyl lettering :)
Dan the donkey

Mary and Joseph

Jack was baby Jesus

Kade the shepherd and Cindy the sheep

Jordyn the angel

The three wise guys

Way to much fun to ride (Dan) the camel

Thanks Mom and Dad for dinner at the Dock of the Bay for  New Years!
Dad is becoming a softy :)

Forgotten Carols

I sent a message on Facebook to Michael McClain to see if Dan and I could get tickets to one of the nights of Forgotten Carols in Idaho Falls. He called me the day of the performance and asked if we could come that night! We had a lot to do but we couldn't resist not going. He gave us front row seats! The show as absolutely amazing of course. After the show, he told us to find him and come and say hi. There was a huge line of people getting autographs from him so we just patiently waited. He saw us and stood up from his table and said, "Sorry everyone, I promise I'm not leaving you but I just have to hug some people that I love so much!" He came and gave us both huge hugs and took time to chat with us for a few seconds. That really meant a lot to me that he would get us tickets and step away to even see us. He is such an amazing guy! We had a wonderful time :)
Rock Star SEATS!

Fun Happenings

First day of Fall Semester 2013

We made a pirate ship so that we could properly watch Pirates of the Caribbean

Our friends gave us a bunch of tiny strawberries so I made jam! It is SO good!

Dan said that our home wouldn't be a real home if we didn't get ABC fridge magnets :)


Dan woke me up early on my birthday and surprised me with a wonderfully decorated apartment. He  had seven little presents placed on the couch and he said open them in order! While I opened each present he filmed me (note that I had just woken up so I didn't look very film worthy). I was super confused because the first three presents I opened were electrical cords. Once I got to the sixth gift I knew it had to be a camera or something. Then the seventh was a Canon t3i!! I seriously started to cry because I was so surprised and SO excited! Dan and our family members pitched in to get me this amazing gift! I was the best birthday EVER! After we opened presents, we went to church and then Dan through a surprise birthday party with a bunch of friends. I have the bestest husband ever! I really cares about me and wants me to be so happy. Let's just say he is really good at it :)

Moving Back to REXBURG!

We couldn't move into our apartment in Rexburg until the saturday before school started because it is a brand new, furnished apartment! We love it so much and it is absolutely perfect for us. My birthday was the next day so we hurried and unpacked everything, then went to Idaho Falls for a birthday dinner at Famous Daves then grocery shopping at Walmart and Winco.

James Taylor and MOTAB Concert

Dan entered to win tickets to the James Taylor and Mormon Tabernacle Choir Concert. He got an email confirming that he had won them and so we got to treat ourselves to an amazing date night! It was so amazing! James Taylor is so wonderful live and to have the Utah Symphony and the choir join in with him was SO great! We were so impressed and James Taylor even came back for two more songs at the end! After the concert we went to Ihop at midnight. That's like my favorite thing to do :)

Three Amigos!

Katie Wilde Jones, Treesa Grose Creps and I have been such good friends for so long! Treesa was my first Heber friend when we moved in. We took these pictures at Treesa's wedding and then at my wedding with out remembering that we had pretty much taken the exact same picture! So at Katie's wedding we did the same thing and I can't wait to put all three of them together. I sure love these two girls and am so glad that we are still friends and I hope that we will be for forever!