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Friday, January 3, 2014

Forgotten Carols

I sent a message on Facebook to Michael McClain to see if Dan and I could get tickets to one of the nights of Forgotten Carols in Idaho Falls. He called me the day of the performance and asked if we could come that night! We had a lot to do but we couldn't resist not going. He gave us front row seats! The show as absolutely amazing of course. After the show, he told us to find him and come and say hi. There was a huge line of people getting autographs from him so we just patiently waited. He saw us and stood up from his table and said, "Sorry everyone, I promise I'm not leaving you but I just have to hug some people that I love so much!" He came and gave us both huge hugs and took time to chat with us for a few seconds. That really meant a lot to me that he would get us tickets and step away to even see us. He is such an amazing guy! We had a wonderful time :)
Rock Star SEATS!

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