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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I made bread...All by MYSELF!

I was really craving a warm slice of homemade bread so on Saturday I decided to try and make bread. I have never done it by myself and look how pretty they turned out! It was a easy white bread recipe and it turned out super great for my first time!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

We are going to be the coolest parents!

Friday night for our date night we pulled out our mattress into the living room and made a fort over it. We watched a couple movies and had a good old time! It was so much fun! We felt like kids again haha. We found out that hair ties, hair clips and the big kitchen clips that go on the fridge and keep chips fresh are amazing for making blanket forts. Just fyi.


We went to the Heber rodeo with Roger's fun family and Mom and Dad. It was a good ol' time! We got all dressed up and everything!

 Dan thinks he is a good looking cowboy ;) haha

Trip to Virginia!

Dan's parents have a week off every July so the whole Barzee family got together for a whole week! They haven't all been together for a little over five years so this was a big week for them. Our flight was at 7 a.m. on saturday. We drove to dad's work, caught the first trax at 6 a.m. and got to the airport around 6:08. We went to check our one bag and it was 63 lbs.! They wanted to charge us $100 extra for being over weight. So we hurried and stuffed stuff into my purse and Dan's backpack. We got down to 55 lbs. and the guy let us go. We got to security. Dan made it through but I took a little bit longer because for some reason, Dan put Pearson on my plane tickets...I have Barzee as my last name on all of my ID's now! So that was fun to explain to security haha. By now it was about 6:40. We  walked speedily to our gate and they were boarding our section right when we got there. We literally walked on the plane! It was a close call. Our flight was 3 1/2 hours and I practically slept the whole way. We arrived in VA around one and hung our with the family the rest of the day. Sunday, Melissa and Albert blessed our new nephew, Mathis. He is SO cute! We had a wonderful sunday dinner and had good family time.

Monday we all piled in the cars and went to the metro to go to Washington DC!  This is us having lots of fun on the metro.
 We went to the amazing National History Museum first. It has SOOOO many cool things! We spent many hours in there.

 Huge squid!
 We then walked to the capital and we were already getting so tired from the heat and humidity. My hair was already getting super puffy! After the capital we went to the air and space museum and then headed back home.

 Tuesday we went to a fun little water park in Purcellville and had a blast. It was so hot so swimming felt super good! After that we had a fun barbeque at Kim and Scott's house. They have an old plantation house that they fixed up and it is so cute! Grandpa Barzee also took us all on horse and buggy rides. Then all the grandkids put on a little talent show.

Wednesday, Dan and I went and did our own thing at a little town called Leesburg. We just walked around and went to a bunch of little shops. We went to a little cafe to have lunch and it was quite yummy! Once we got back, Dan and I were in charge of Barzee Olympics! We came up with a couple of games to play as a family and then made up funny awards for everyone afterwards. It was probably the highlight of the week. Everyone had so much fun!
Thursday, we went back to D.C. because Dan and I still wanted to see more stuff. We went to the WW2 monument, Washington monument, Lincoln Memorial, Veterans Memorial, American History Museum, walked past the white house and we also went to the Holocaust museum. Dan and I wanted to take a really cool tour in the holocaust museum but the tickets were sold out. I was kind of nervous to go but I really wanted to experience it at least once in my life.

 Friday, Dan and I got to spend a day with just his parents. They took us to the Luray caverns in Luray VA. It was AMAZING! We got to take this amazing tour where we walked a mile underground looking at these amazing stalactites and stalagmites. They had formed billions of years ago! It was so crazy!

 The bottom part of this picture is water. It is reflecting the ceiling! Isn't that crazy!
Saturday, we went to the D.C. temple with Dan's parents and his sister Kim. That temple is very beautiful! We then went to Cheesecake factory and then they took us to the airport. The flight long but we were glad to be back. We had a very great trip and I had so much fun getting to know Dan's family better!

We love date nights!

We always try so hard to go on at least one date a week. Dan was always so good about us having fun dates while we were first dating and when we were engaged. He is so good at that! And guess what?? He still is like that even though we are married! SO GREAT! Our thing right now is miniature golf and going out to eat at Popeyes or Chick fil-a. It gets so competitive because it is something that we are both getting really good at. One time Dan decided to make a bet. He said, "If I win, I can pay for my concealed weapons license." (Which is about $50.) I said, "Ok. But if I win I get to go clothes shopping and spend $50!" It was such an intense game! And....we TIED! It was so funny. (He ended up getting his concealed weapons license anyway...)

For Dan's birthday I gave him a coupon to go golfing and to let me drive the cart. It was so much fun! We went early one morning and did nine holes. We had a wonderful time!