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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

We love date nights!

We always try so hard to go on at least one date a week. Dan was always so good about us having fun dates while we were first dating and when we were engaged. He is so good at that! And guess what?? He still is like that even though we are married! SO GREAT! Our thing right now is miniature golf and going out to eat at Popeyes or Chick fil-a. It gets so competitive because it is something that we are both getting really good at. One time Dan decided to make a bet. He said, "If I win, I can pay for my concealed weapons license." (Which is about $50.) I said, "Ok. But if I win I get to go clothes shopping and spend $50!" It was such an intense game! And....we TIED! It was so funny. (He ended up getting his concealed weapons license anyway...)

For Dan's birthday I gave him a coupon to go golfing and to let me drive the cart. It was so much fun! We went early one morning and did nine holes. We had a wonderful time!

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