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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween is approaching :)

I have never really been a Halloween lover. At college though, everyone goes insane and seems to all be in love with it. So why not just jump in with everyone else??
At our apartment, the owner ladies are having a contest to see which apartment can have the most creative, most creepy or most festive decorated windows for halloween. Camille and I feel that ours is the best so far! Don't our monsters look super cute?? And it says "Monster Love" and we hope to also decorate our door like candy corn.
Our ward also had a halloween party on monday where you FHE group had to dress up as super heroes. Our group decided to be Captain Planet and his elements. It was so fun because our FHE group was the only one that actually coordinated together! (Only because I am FHE mom...haha just kidding)
Camille and I decided to be Lightning and Thunder. We definitely made a "storm" at this party!

It was lots of fun and I am so glad that our FHE group is getting a lot better!
Well life is super good! It was great to come up this last weekend and spend time with everyone in Utah. I wish that I could have seen the hunters but I'm sure they were having the time of their lives like they always do...WITHOUT ME! But that's ok. College is THE BEST! :)

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