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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Count your many blessings!

On Friday I didn't have to work so I went on a wonderful horse ride with my wonderful dad. The horse ride was super awesome and just a real good time. We got home and my dad took his horse out then I got in the trailer to get my horse and she decided to turn towards me and with her shoulder, she smashed me against the side of the trailer. It hurt SO bad!!! I hobbled out with my horse and handed her to my dad. I had hurt my right shoulder really bad and started to cry. I told my mom and she doctored me and I went straight to bed. I missed work on saturday and just relaxed. We also decided not to go to a doctor because we assumed it was just a really bad bone bruise. Today at church, we had a friend in our ward kind of check it out and he was really concerned and told me I should get an x-ray. So my mom and I went to a quick 5 minute clinic place to get it checked. Luckily it's not broken :) I was so happy!! The doctor told me that the muscles around the shoulder blade were just blown up and bruised so it will hurt for about a week or so. I am SOOO grateful that it's not broken!! It hurts so bad and it is hard to do things, especially since it's my right shoulder, but I guess it could be worse. Anyway, that's my lovely story :)

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  1. Oh Cind! I'm glad it's not broken. I miss you babay! Hope you're loving Aspen Grove. Come play with me sooooon!!! Love you!