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Sunday, December 11, 2011

First Semester....(almost) Check :)

Camille and I  at Forgotten Carols! SOOOO good :)
Sorry that I haven't posted in a long time. College can be a tad bit busy sometimes. But everything is just going super swell. Only one more week left but sadly that week includes finals....
I am still having so much fun and getting good grades! (Which is a super bonus)

We like to be crazy
So here is my first semester in summary (if I can remember it all): First, to start off, my callings in the ward were super fun. I don't know if I served to the best of my ability but I feel I did well for a first timer. I was called to be the relief society pianist and FHE mom. FHE turned out to be a lot better then I expected. Once I finally forced half of my roommates to go, we ended up having a BLAST! And thanks to my piano lesson class that I took this semester, I was able to get a lot of hymn practicing done throughout each week.
My classes were a lot easier then I expected them to be. Let's just say though, I am really excited for my math and science classes to be over. Those two classes were probably the hardest for me. I don't mind my Humanities class. I thank my old piano teachers for all of the things they taught me about ancient musicians because I was super pro in that section of the class. My writing for communications class was challenging but at the same time I LOVED it! Just goes to show you that I am meant to be a comm. major right? We had a big project in that class where we had to do a representative profile of someone. Our teacher gave us the option of writing a ten page paper or making a video. Of course I picked the video option. I decided to make my video on my roommate because she is representing young women preparing to go on a mission. After a TON of work, I finally finished and turned it in. (I can't wait to see how I did!!!!!!!)
My piano class included just having piano lessons once a week. I feel like I progressed SO much but the hard part was having to practice 45 minutes EVERY DAY! Oh man it was super hard. But like Ethan says, "Pearson's do hard things." :)
It was a very successful semester! I met a lot of new people and am excited to continue my education. I had fun dates and sweet parties along the way. And the best part, I already have 40 credits!!! Which makes me even more excited. (Thank you high school!!!) Now I can't wait to go work at Aspen Grove!

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